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It’s Fruit Salad Time: Monstera Deliciosa

ratatouille-51SONY DSC

This is another popular indoor plant with an interesting name – ‘Fruit Salad Plant’… For a minute I thought it would be this magical plant that would bear all kinds of fruits. So, instead of planting different kind of trees like apples, oranges etc, you just had to plant one Monstera Deliciosa, and could pick all fruits at a single shot. Yes,my imagination can run wild at times 🙂 .

OK, so anyways , unfortunately this not some plant from the Enchanted Forest. It’s just like normal plant. However,its fruit is supposed to have a flavor that combines  pineapples, bananas and grapes and strawberries. And yes now, what comes to my mind is the image from the cartoon Ratatouille. 

Enough said about its delicious fruit. This epiphyte plant is native to the South American rain forests. It is primarily grown indoors for its attractive foliage.The holes and cuts within the leaves are said to form so the plant survives well within it’s natural rain forest habitat where strong winds and heavy downpours occur. Leaves without these cuts and holes would get broken easily because of their size and the force of the weather conditions

P.S: The fruit can be poisonous if not handled the right way.Check this link before you get busy cooking/plucking (



Money Plant : Myths


There are several myths surrounding money plant. Since childhood I have been surrounded by these stories, thought now would be a nice time to write it all down.

Ok so when I was 8 years old, we were hit by a war, and had to relocate to a new place. Due to the circumstances we were not exactly living in a mansion. Anyways, we heard of this plant called “Money Plant”, and in efforts to help our parents, I am my brother would carefully would water this plant. As each leaf grew, we were filled with hope. And maybe it was not a myth after all, we definitely had our fate turned around pretty soon. 

The next encounter with this lucky plant was in office. There was this Ivy League graduate, who would steal a part of a money plant from his client’s office. I would ask him “Hey what’s the big deal, just ask the client, she would gladly give it to you”.. And according to his belief, “The luck comes with the money plant only if you take it secretly without the owner knowing”… 

Per Time of India, Scindapsus aureus, got its name as “Money Plant” due to its round plump leaves that with a bit of imagination should resemble coin (although in my personal it requires a lot of imagination).

Feng Shui, treats this as one of the best plants, as it purifies air polluted by modern furniture (Now that does seem to make valid point).

Enough of myths,this plant is grown mainly as indoor plant and the special characteristic of the plant is that it can grow even in a water-filled bottle or a container without any soil. It is often used in decorative displays in shopping centers, offices, and other public locations largely because it requires little care and is also attractively leafy. It is also efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene and benzene A study found that this effect lessened the higher the molecular weight of the polluting substance.As a houseplant it can reach a height of 2 m (6 ft 7 in) or more, given suitable support.


Are you gifting good luck or bad luck?

710Q3XUzO6L._SL1500_So you decided your loved one needed some luck.. What could be better than a lucky bamboo?

OK. Wait you need to read this before you gift anyone a lucky bamboo. If you got 4 lucky bamboo sticks STOP!!!!!!! Nothing could be worse than gifting the wrong number of lucky bamboo sticks. Didn’t know? Ok here are some well kept secrets to luck.

  • Two stalks represent love. (Easy to remember 2 for couple)
  • Three is for Happiness, Wealth and Long Life (3 things we all wish for0
  • Five for Wealth (spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual) (Thought 3 already covered it in a single Wealth category… you get the point, this is more focused luck to wealth)
  • Six is for good luck and wealth
  • Seven for good health
  • Eight is for growth (Physical, Spiritual, Mental)
  • Nine is for extra luck ( everyone could do with a tad extra luck)
  • Ten for perfection
  • Twenty One for a great blessing

Ok… now even if you forget the numbers, remember never gift 4 stalks. Its supposed to symbolize death. So I guess just knowing that should avoid major bad luck.


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With Kentia you bring a part of Lord Howe Island home

kentia palm homeKentia

We all are always proud to say where we come from. Today watching this beautiful palm, I wondered where it came from. Few quick searches helped reveal the beautiful island Howea forsteriana, Kentia came from.

The home of the Kentia palm is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean halfway between Australia and New Zealand – named Lord Howe Island. Yes, hence the name ‘Howea forsteriana’.  The palm is an elegant plant, and is popular for growing indoors, requiring little light. Out of doors, it prefers a tropical region but will also grow in a cooler climate. 




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The story of a Garden

I was reflecting on our little shop….Caught in the midst of the daily grind, at times we forget to see the beauty of a work…. I still remember when we took up this project for a client… It was exciting to start and a thrill to finish on time.. But as days passed by, this little project just seemed to be fading in our human memory… So made a small video to capture the beauty of the work. If only our daily lives had a background music too … I hope you like the video.

Star Light Star Bright



This plant has beautiful green and white leaves .It’s foliage provides a striking contrast to any summer outdoor landscape. The leaves are somewhat waxy and are very smooth. It is  a good plant for a high light indoor setting. This variety of Ficus Benjamina is supposed to shed fewer leaves than others in the weeping fig family.

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Do not weep : Weeping Fig


The Ficus benjamina also know as ‘weeping fig’ is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. (Seems like there are a lot of plants in that category huh? But probably that’s cos the world is after all a big place)

F. benjamina has a tendency to shed leaves easily: you move it, it drops leaves; the watering schedule changes, it drops leaves. (Guess that’s why its called the weeping plant, it weeps pretty much for any change) If you plan to purchase a ficus benjamina for indoors, look for darker-leaved varietals as they are more likely to be tolerant of low-light conditions. And as with most indoor plants, do not overwater it or drown it. Once the plant has adjusted to a light setting, try not to change its location (it will weep trust me). But not every time it cries is for no reason. If its losing a lot of leaves, try supplementing with a little magnesium and manganese.


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