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Do not weep : Weeping Fig


The Ficus benjamina also know as ‘weeping fig’ is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. (Seems like there are a lot of plants in that category huh? But probably that’s cos the world is after all a big place)

F. benjamina has a tendency to shed leaves easily: you move it, it drops leaves; the watering schedule changes, it drops leaves. (Guess that’s why its called the weeping plant, it weeps pretty much for any change) If you plan to purchase a ficus benjamina for indoors, look for darker-leaved varietals as they are more likely to be tolerant of low-light conditions. And as with most indoor plants, do not overwater it or drown it. Once the plant has adjusted to a light setting, try not to change its location (it will weep trust me). But not every time it cries is for no reason. If its losing a lot of leaves, try supplementing with a little magnesium and manganese.


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