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It’s Fruit Salad Time: Monstera Deliciosa

ratatouille-51SONY DSC

This is another popular indoor plant with an interesting name – ‘Fruit Salad Plant’… For a minute I thought it would be this magical plant that would bear all kinds of fruits. So, instead of planting different kind of trees like apples, oranges etc, you just had to plant one Monstera Deliciosa, and could pick all fruits at a single shot. Yes,my imagination can run wild at times 🙂 .

OK, so anyways , unfortunately this not some plant from the Enchanted Forest. It’s just like normal plant. However,its fruit is supposed to have a flavor that combines  pineapples, bananas and grapes and strawberries. And yes now, what comes to my mind is the image from the cartoon Ratatouille. 

Enough said about its delicious fruit. This epiphyte plant is native to the South American rain forests. It is primarily grown indoors for its attractive foliage.The holes and cuts within the leaves are said to form so the plant survives well within it’s natural rain forest habitat where strong winds and heavy downpours occur. Leaves without these cuts and holes would get broken easily because of their size and the force of the weather conditions

P.S: The fruit can be poisonous if not handled the right way.Check this link before you get busy cooking/plucking (http://thefoodblog.com.au/2010/03/monstera-deliciosa-the-delicious-monster.html)