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Are you gifting good luck or bad luck?

710Q3XUzO6L._SL1500_So you decided your loved one needed some luck.. What could be better than a lucky bamboo?

OK. Wait you need to read this before you gift anyone a lucky bamboo. If you got 4 lucky bamboo sticks STOP!!!!!!! Nothing could be worse than gifting the wrong number of lucky bamboo sticks. Didn’t know? Ok here are some well kept secrets to luck.

  • Two stalks represent love. (Easy to remember 2 for couple)
  • Three is for Happiness, Wealth and Long Life (3 things we all wish for0
  • Five for Wealth (spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual) (Thought 3 already covered it in a single Wealth category… you get the point, this is more focused¬†luck to wealth)
  • Six is for good luck and wealth
  • Seven for good health
  • Eight is for growth (Physical, Spiritual, Mental)
  • Nine is for extra luck ( everyone could do with a tad extra luck)
  • Ten for perfection
  • Twenty One for a great blessing

Ok… now even if you forget the numbers, remember never gift 4 stalks. Its supposed to symbolize death. So I guess just knowing that should avoid major bad luck.



Photo Credit: http://www.squidoo.com/inexpensive-lucky-bamboo-gifts